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Sunday, January 30

Cookies from heaven {or Jason's oven}

First, I need you to understand, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. Second, I'm a terrible at making chocolate chip cookies. Third, I have an amazing fiancĂ©e who knows how to cook {including making my favorite chocolate chip cookies}. Perhaps I should say chocolate chip cookies a few more times.

Last week we were craving cookies, so we got on Food Network, and looked up a recipe. We found the most delicious recipe, and we cannot get enough of them. I am super proud of myself, because I have helped bake them {I mix everything together while Jason does the real work}, and they still somehow turn out delicious!
It's an incredibly well seasoned pan. We get good use out of it :)
I can't tell you if the dough is better than the baked cookies, but just know that if I had my way, the dough wouldn't last more than 5 mins. And I would happily endure and horrible cookie-dough-induced stomach ache for them.

{Check out My Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies on foodnetwork.com for the recipe}

1 comment:

haupthome said...

Jason, could you use your great muscles and wash that cookie sheet it use to be silver, the cookies look divine thought, I glad Rebekah learned how to make her favorite.