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Monday, January 31

I have this obsession

I am completely obsessed with boots. Tall, short, mid-calf, knee-highs, thigh highs, cowboy, black, brown, grey, I even saw a pair of green boots today that I liked. I have way too many pairs. I think over Christmas break I bought 2-3 new pairs {which I justified with the fact that I live in Rexburg, ID and it snows and boots work in the snow. Perfectly logical.}.

These boots are the first short boots I ever bought, and I got them with my friend Shanna. We bought the same ones, and she thought that they were even comfortable! They're not. haha. My roommate tried them on today, and asked how I can even walk in them! I won't lie, I have a knack for high heels, I say I got the talent/skill from my mom, who lives in cute shoes {she's kinda just an amazingly cute person over all. At like 4'11" and usually has something pink on}. Anywhoo, I can do pretty much anything  in heels and I like to call it a special gift.
Do you like my attempt at posing?
So, here is my first real shoe post for you all. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you don't {I need critiques!}
Headband: Claire's Shirt: Ross Belt: Fred Meyer Skirt: Made by Mom Boots: Fred Meyer
Favorite part of these boots: the buttons and the cuff {let me know what you like!}


Hannah Haupt said...

aww i love those ones!! i son't understnad how you walk in them either.those things are HIGH. who's taking your pictures? and i do also love the outfit.!!

Rebekah said...

Jason took all the pictures for this post {he's too good to me}. Thanks, for the compliments :)