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Thursday, February 10

Awkward and Awesome

This is the epitome of Awkward and Awesome.
{don't kill me Moon!}
  • Moon and I posing for the camera {as you can see}
  • There was an incident, in the kitchen, it involved a kiss...that's all you need to know.
  • Trying to get into the car, slipping on the ice, and hurting my arm as Jason looks over worried, and then tells his brother about my incident.
  • Walking into my apartment's lounge and seeing a couple all entangled in each other
  • How sparkly my ring is in the BYU-I Center {also known as the Buick} 
  • The chat I had with my roommates this morning it involved; getting into fights during sporting events, soccer, and how to tie a belt cool, and different ways to wear scarfs. 
  • I drove around town and only stalled out once..ish {it was twice but they were basically one because it was all at one stop sign}
  • Looking cute {it's happened a lot this week}
  • Getting a job interview...FINALLY! {it's at a call center, but it's better than nothing}
  • Jason and I went on our first couple date, and have another one planned for Saturday
  • Doing service :)
  • Chocolate Chip cookies {they're always awesome}

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