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Tuesday, February 1

It's in the clutch

Vest: Made by Mom Blouse: F21 Pants: American Eagle Boots: F21

Today, I mastered the fine art of driving a manual. Jason has been teaching me all week, since what his will soon be mine {and I'll have to be able to drive his car}. We've been going out at night and yes, I did freak out and cry one night because the {stupid} third gear wouldn't work {which is in no way my fault ;)} I must admit, Jason did the best thing after my breakdown. He bought me a Take Five, and a Dr. Pepper. The Dr. Pepper calmed me down and the Take Five was because he said I was doing really good for a beginner.

I am firm in my belief that today was a success. I only stalled like 3, maybe 4 times. I saved the car from stalling multiple times. I even did the thing where you balance the car {on a hill} by using the clutch and the gas. It felt spectacular. But the best part was driving around Rexburg. I drove on real roads with other people, instead of just the parking lot. Success, people, success.

Besides being a new manual driver, I think I looked pretty darn good today. If you talk to my mother, she would tell you that I can't always dress myself. She would make me change every time I tried to go to a stake dance, it was ridiculous. So this was a big deal for me.

The featured shoes today are short brown cowboy boots. I got them at Forever 21
Why I like 'em: They are cowboy boots (and short ones at that) and they have star detailing on the outsides.

ps. what do you guys think of my header? give me feedback!

1 comment:

Hannah Haupt said...

oh cute cute cute pictures jason! good job!!

and bek that's sweet that he's letting you drive his car around hahah