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Friday, February 11

Kickin' it old school

Writers block it a terrible thing. I have been sitting around my apartment, and Jason's apartment just trying to find something to write about. And still....nothing. So, I'll ramble about shoes, I'm good at that.

My obsession with converse started in high school. Remember Myspace? Remember how cool icons were, and those trendy pictures where you took with the camera above your head. Yeah, converse were part of the "Myspace picture" era. Pictures like this one where what made me love converse. 

I thought they were sooo trendy. I thought if I wore converse I could take cool pictures, and have a million friends on Myspace. Turns out, that's not exactly how things work.  

I'm glad the Myspace era has ended, and now I can wear converse just to add a playful touch to a serious outfit. 

Featured Shoes: Converse 
Why I love 'em: Converse are simply classic. They add a fun not-so-elegant touch to a classic outfit. 

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