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Wednesday, February 23


It has been a crazy week. My mom flew in from Oregon last Sunday to plan the wedding {wedding planning is the worst fyi}.  We went shopping basically from 9-6 every day. We went to the doctors {twice}, found a wedding dress, picked out skirts for bridesmaids {returned skirts and picked out cardigans}, found a place to print the invitations, and bought a few new outfits for the honeymoon. If I never go to the mall again, I would be just fine :)

Jason and I drove my mom back to Oregon Thursday afternoon, and spent the weekend {a good, long, 4 day weekend} back at home. My mom's friend Pat threw me a bridal shower while I was home. I got a plethora of fun things!

my wonderful friends Justine, Twila, and Randi

My second sister {basically} Ashley

Hannah, Ashley, and I
The shower was a lot of fun. I didn't even have to play any terrible games that are boring or embarrassing {thank you Mom, and Pat!}.

My friends know how obsessed with shoes I am, so they wore cute shoes in my behalf {it's like we've known each other since middle school or something!}

Boots!! Hannah: cowboy Ashley: black Me: brown

Justine: flats Me: {almost} knee high boots
Twila:white heels Randi: calf length boots
Jason and I did manage to squeeze a nice Valentine's Day date in the week. He took me to Olive Garden {nicest place in town!}, where we got appetizers, entrees, and dessert! He gave me my beautiful new brown boots {in the pictures above}, and a beautiful necklace to wear for the wedding! He's a keeper.

Hopefully the next few weeks won't be a busy as the last one, but I'm getting closer to marrying the love of my life, and that makes me pretty darn happy. :)

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