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Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome

  • I keep burping every time Jason goes in for a kiss {on accident}, it's starting to bug him...a lot
  • I went to go tanning this morning, and it said it was busy so I waited out in the cold for 15 mins, before I knocked on the door and found out that no one had been in there the whole time. 
  • Last night I had a nighmare, and I woke myself up. Then I had to lay in bed for half an hour because I was scared that if I moved or tried to get out of bed something would grab my ankle from under my bed {I really wonder if I'm still 2 years old.}.
  • I am a little less than 4 weeks away from marrying the love of my life ♥
  • I bought perfect nude-colored heels {for my friend's wedding, which means I had a good reason}
  • I made a "mom" dinner last night. I feel all domestic and wifey :) 
  • I'm no longer "Rexburg white" {thank you tanning bed at my apartment for free!!}


Hannah Haupt said...

oh bekah. you still look withe is all your pictures. don't worry. haha. and you're silly. i feel your pain about the sleeping problem. i'll have to tell you about my hawaii nightmare sometime...

Rebekah said...

well....first of all it's partially my editing, these were also last week, I'm barely slightly darker now...