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Thursday, March 31

Awkward and Awesome

  • I called to make an appointment to look at some apartments, and when we got there and they started giving us a tour I realized we were at the wrong apartment. Jason laughed super hard when we got back in the car and I told him what had happened.
  • I went tanning and the window was open, the fan was on, and I almost froze my toes off {it's so not fun when tanning is a cold experience}
  • Whitening my teeth. Could something that is supposed to make you prettier be any less glamorous?

  • We bought a couch, and a kitchen table {We can almost furnish an apartment we don't have!}
  • We found a pretty sweet place to live....we're on a waiting list.
  • Jason took me to Ramierez {Mexican food in Rexburg} for lunch
  • I'm getting married in like,,,16 days!!!!!!!
  • Jason is teaching me how to play volleyball
  • Our bishop gave us the coolest wedding gift! {A picture of us with  The Family: A Proclamation to the World printed on top}.

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