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Friday, March 25

Deseret Industries

D.I. is a lot like Goodwill. 
Lots of stuff, not super nice, but great for starting out. 
So, Jason and I went looking for a couch today. 
As you can see there are some couches with character. 
{are you just loving the couch that has probably been sitting in a grandma's basement since the 70's?}
It's our favorite. 
We think that it would be a fun first couch...
Then again, there are always couch covers. 
The last couch is fun, but too small, which was kinda a bummer.

Either way, trying to furnish an apartment should be a fun adventure.
Next is looking for beds ;)


paige & ben said...

Look out though - couch covers are really expensive! So I'd definitely keep an eye out for a couch that's not too hideous :)

ashley said...

We are just now looking for furniture....I'm kinda weary of places like Goodwill and D.I. though!

Rebekah said...

We tested the couches, they aren't too terrible, we're thinking of looking at Ikea for a couch or covers (they're usually cheaper)

Leavitt's said...

Choose #1, it's a classic! And please do not get your bed from DI :)

Rebekah said...

We have been looking at real stores for a bed, but DI did have a new bed. We are looking for quality in a bed though :)

paige & ben said...

I'd also look at Big Lots in IF. They have some good deals on bed and couch sets.

Rebekah said...

We went there too :) Thanks for all the advice!