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Friday, March 4

Girl's Night Out

My roommates and I went out this week to celebrate Sarah's birthday. We went to Olive Garden, and to see Tangled.  It was a blast!

We drove to Idaho Falls, pumping some Taylor Swift (♥), Lady Gaga, and some of the other best car trip tunes. 

The food was amazing. We took lots of pictures, and made lots of weird faces. 

Then we went to the cheap theater in town, to see Tangled {in 3D}. It was awesome!!!! I'm not a big crier {at least during movies} and there was a few times where I did almost cry, but most of the time I was laughing. I forgot to mention that on Wednesdays at the movie theater they give you free popcorn {popcorn is my other favorite}!

Over all it was a lot of fun to go out with the roommates, and spend sometime with the girls. 

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