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Thursday, March 10

It's Thursday

awkward: my face awesome: his beard 

It'a awkward and awesome Thursday again {Thanks Sydney!}. I have one awesome thing that I'm really excited about so, awesome is going to come before awkward today!


  • I drove Jason's car {a manual} without stalling, crying, or freaking out!!! And it was up the huge hill to the temple so I was pretty proud of myself :)
  • Jason got an A on his econ test {I'm going to make him a tasty treat!}
  • Going to the temple {what I believe}
  • My idea for a bachelorette party {I don't think I'm supposed to plan it, but oh well}
  • It's warm outside, like a whopping 44 degrees!!!!!!!
  • I just saw Sydney from The Daybook on campus!

  • I was too nervous to say anything to Sydney, because I didn't look cute at all today {I seriously need to do laundry}
  • Jason and I were at Walmart and all of a sudden there was this smell. I turn to ask Jason if it was him, and he points to an old lady leaving the isle. yikes!
  • I was tanning and in the middle of it, I hear someone trying to unlock the door. Ummm what are you supposed to do if you're in a tanning bed and think someone's going to break in?
  • Trying to have a serious talk and people keep walking by, even after we move...
  • Being stalked from afar


Hannah Haupt said...

BEKAH!! why didn't you talk to her!!! you should have said that you love her blog and that you like her shoes and give her your card and EVERYTHING. loser. haha

Rebekah said...

I looked so bad though! I was in torn jeans (don't tell the honor code office!) and a sweatshirt. So I couldn't talk to her looking that bad, and I didn't have any cards with me. I failed. But, there's always next time