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Wednesday, March 30

Our Advice? Elope.

Jason and I have been dragged through the wedding plans.
Every time we see someone who is dating, or thinking about ever getting married, 
we tell them to elope.
Planning a wedding is ridiculously stressful. 

We are about two and a half weeks away and this is my list of to do's:
1.     Bachelorette party
a.       Decide what to do
b.      Send invites
2.    Get tie for Riley
3.     Decide on look of cake
a.       Call Torrie
4.      Decide on sheet cake flavor
5.      Send email about wearing bridesmaid/groomsmen attire to temple and something else to wear to luncheon (between temple and reception)
6.     Flowers
a.       Gerber daisies
b.      Roses
c.       Calillies
d.      Green mums
e.       Cascading- $70
f.       Regular- $20
7.      Print off pictures for album

It's going to be a fun, and long two and a half weeks. 
ohhh boy. Wish me luck!


ashlee bracken. said...

that is exactly what we told people towards the end. going back i probably wouldnt change anything. but it got soooo stressful and ridiculous to the point where a really simple event would have made me just as happy.
you're almost there!

Torrie and the girls said...

You'll appreciate it in a few years, i promise.

Charlynn said...

Ya most of my family is out of town so that's pretty much what we did then we will have a reception when it's more convenient for people to come lol it was nice to be less stressed about planning.