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Monday, March 7

Stuffing, and sealing, and stamping and addressing

It's been a while since I've posted. I have very good reasoning. 
Wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations are the new bane of my existence. It has been a mess trying to gather addresses, order invitations, address envelopes, stuff envelopes, seal envelopes and stamp them.
Just in case you were wondering, our envelopes wouldn't seal properly so we had to glue them all shut {that wasn't fun!}. 

I also wrote all my thank you cards for my bridal shower. I can honestly say, I'm not excited to write the wedding thank you cards. I fear I will get carpel tunnel.

However, the torture is over. Today we sent {the bulk of} the invitations off! We still have tons left, and we have to figure out who else we should send them to, because I don't think we need to keep 200 invitations for ourselves. 

Jason is so glad that the invitations are all done...I tend to be extremely crabby when I have to deal with envelopes. 

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