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Sunday, April 10

The Original A Dinerant

The Original was where Jason and I ate the night we got engaged.
We had planned to go to the Portland City Grill, but it was a really long wait,
so we walked around to try and find something else, and we ran into this place.
We were so happy that we did.
The food was exquisite.
I got meatloaf {with broccoli and mashed potatoes}.
Jason got a 72 hour beef brisket {with potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and 
a biscuit with honey and truffle oil}. 
We were drooling, it was so good.

Yesterday was the one week mark until our wedding, so we went back to enjoy a night out.
The last time we were there we saw them bring out some burgers that looked divine,
so we ordered two burgers.
And a carmel brownie milkshake {delicious}.
Again, we were so happy with the food. 
It was a messy, delicious, juicy meal. 
We had to ask for extra napkins.

If you're in Portland and want good food, try them out.
If you're not in Portland, go here to drool over how good the food looks.

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