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Tuesday, May 3

Welcome to Maryland

Home of Jason and Rebekah, newlyweds.
We have been living in Maryland for about two weeks now.
I have spent 1 1/2 of those weeks sick. 
It's been swell.
I lie in bed...and clean the house....and do homework.

However, last night I felt good enough to do some light traveling.
We went to Damaskas.
And unless you are from Maryland I doubt you know where Damaskas is.
{I couldn't tell you much about it}
other than I love it's name
They have some wicked good ice cream there.
It's called Jimmy Cones.
They take {amazingly delicious} soft serve, and cover it in Jimmies {which are delicious sprinkles}
And it's great and I loved it.
And that is how Maryland is treating me.
{I took this on my phone, so I know it's a terrible quality!}

1 comment:

Lynnie said...

I know it well enough to tell you that it is spelled Damascus. :) And that it is 20 minutes from my door. And that Nathan Jensen is now in my ward and we all need to see each other STAT. That's how much I know about Maryland.