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Wednesday, June 15

Fight Night

I knew I was getting into something new when I started dating the boy in the TapOut sweatshirt. 
{but, dang he sure looked good in it}
I really wish I had a picture of Jason from our ward Halloween party,
he was a fighter.
{he wore his TapOut sweatshirt and boxing gloves}
I thought, "Who's the kid wearing TapOut, seriously?"
Turns out, it was my future hubby. 

Anywho, I fell in love with a guy who loves MMA {mixed martial arts}, and the UFC.
Which means once a month we get together with all of our friends and watch the UFC fights. 

What Jason didn't know is that he married a girl who loves the fights just as much as he does.
{it was bound to happen, I grew up watching my brothers' wrestling matches}
I think I look forward to the monthly fights more than he does.

We spent Saturday night with our friends BBQ-ing and watching the fights.
I can't complain, I'd love to spend every weekend that way.
The fights were spectacular!
{my brothers would be so proud of me}
I can't wait until next month!

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