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Friday, June 24

My day off

I got today off, and I finished all of my homework by Wednesday,
so I spent the day by the pool {after cleaning and doing laundry}, with my {amazing} new book.
It was just what I wanted to do with my day off but...
there are drawbacks to sitting out for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Like getting a really bad sunburn.
{with ridiculous lines}

Then I made cookies and had a glass of milk for Jason when he got home from work
{I love being domestic}
annnd then we went for a swim, and laid out again, and I finished my book.

Since Jason loves me so much, he went out an bought me some aloe vera,
And rubbed it in while I made dinner.
Which, I was quite excited about. 

Seven Layer Bean Dip.
I will even tell you all seven layers because it was so scrumptious.
refried beans
sour cream + miracle whip + taco seasoning {it's the best layer}
hamburger seasoned with minced onions and limes 
and then for good measure, I squeezed more lime juice over the top.
{I love limes, it's new and it's awesome}

And I know that's really only 6 layers, I can't figure out why we call it seven layer...
But, it was delicious. 
Jason {the almost professional cook} even admitted to it's amazingness
{and let me tell you, cooking for him can be intimidating, did I tell you he made pesto lime burgers the other day? Best burger everrrr}

And to finish off the almost perfect day off, 
I'm sitting out by the pool while Jason and Jans play water basketball.


Hannah Haupt said...

hunny the other layer is tomatoes. but we don't like them. so we never put them on. haha how fun!! i'm muy jealous of your day off! hope it was satisfactory!!!!

Rebekah said...

Well I replaced the tomatoes with the meat, so shouldn't that make 7?