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Thursday, July 21

Blast from the past

My childhood best friend and me at 7 years old

I remember as a kid that every spring/summer my mom would take my siblings and I to the store to buy sandals. We would each be given a pair of Saltwater Sandals. My mom thought they were great, we could play in the sandbox and then she could hose off our feet without ruining our shoes!

My little sister and I always got white sandals
while my brothers got black sandals.

It sounds like the perfect plan for little kids, right?
Well, little did my mom know, I was going to grow up to love shoes.
And I knew that I did not love Saltwater Sandals.

There were times that I hated that trip to get our sandals.
Perhaps, I should have tried to get a pink pair instead, but white did go with everything.
So, when I was old enough to pick out my own shoes, I never did go back to the Saltwater Sandals.

Honestly, I don't recall seeing them as often, once I stopped wearing them.
Over the last few weeks they have made quite the comeback in my life,
meaning I have seen them on several {fashion} blogs.

Seeing them took me back to my seven-year-old days and I can honestly say, 
I don't miss them. 

I had a pretty great childhood, but when it comes to Saltwater Sandals or Pansies, I steer clear.

1 comment:

Courtney Killpack said...

Dear cousin,

You made me want to go buy a pair of Salt Water Sandals! I would wear those all of the time growing up. They're the best!