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Friday, July 8

Where oh where

Have I been for the last few weeks?
Jason and I are in the hail mary phase of our "earn money before we go back to school" playbook. 
While we both work our normal jobs, in our "free time" we have some painting side jobs.
So, here is a look at what we have been doing. 

Sorry about the phone camera pics...
We were supposed to be painting a friend's basement, after a flood in her house.
It ended up being a reconstruction project. 
There was a lot of mold starting to grow, so Jason had to tear out the drywall and put up new drywall.
I mostly just take down wallpaper and paint, oh and I spackle stuff {it's my favorite part} while he does the hard stuff.
Little did I know, I married an incredibly handy handyman. 
{this is going to come in handy I can tell}


Hannah Haupt said...

cute bek. ... you need a new camera. these photos are getting a little blury.. haha

Rebekah said...

When I use the camera facing me on my phone the quality goes wayyyy down, but all the pics from the last few weeks have been taken on my phone, they aren't too bad right?