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Wednesday, August 10

Party like it's 1745

Last weekend we went to {Colonial} Williamsburg with Jason's brother, Riley, and our sister-in-law, Sarah.
We had an absolute blast 
{despite the intense heat, then the forty minute downpour...which I actually loved}
So, here is our trip in pictures

The Governor's Palace {our favorite part of Williamsburg}. 

The Lion reminding the people that they are English {and brave?}

The Unicorn, also reminding people that they are from England {can't remember why the Unicorn is a reminder of England...}

Apparently a passport is needed to go to Colonial Williamsburg

Inside the entry hall of the Governor's Palace is decorated with arms,
 to show that he can protect you.

I really thought the crest with the lion and the unicorn was cool....

The Governor's daughters slept in this bed. Our guide asked if we would like to share a bed with our sister, if I had a cool bed like this I'd do it!

A dress the the daughter's would have worn to a ball.
And apparently flats were in fashion.

One of the first pianofortes in Virginia
{the red checkered pattern was a favorite of Queen Charlotte, not for picnics, or country kitchens}

The entire ballroom was my favorite color.
I loooved it.
It was so bright.

The beloved Queen Charlotte.
She's not as pretty as my niece Charlotte.
Just say'n

The room was green, bright green.
loved it as well.
{ps check out the bright carpets!}

The cellar, {or prison in my opinion}
There were 3,000 bottles in there as our guide said,
"The Virginians like to party"

eggs something
rice with some meat
beef tongue.

The shoemaker!

Still British

We got in a bit of trouble.

The Armory
{Riley's favorite place}

The view from the local prison.

{Prison door}
A kid actually locked his dad in on accident and almost couldn't get him out.

George Washington's favorite tavern
where we ate dinner
{it was ridiculously good}

It turns out that there was a reason that the napkin could reach from my should to my knees,
you're supposed to tie it around your neck like so.
I've never been so clean after eating. 

The capitol building. 

Coolest water fountain ever


Hannah Haupat said...

hahah oh bekah it's beautiful!! wish i could have gone with you!! your pictures look great and i wouldn't mind sharing a bed with you again. stay up giggling... good times... oh i miss you. i'm so glad you posted something this week!!!

Rebekah said...

Well if you ever have a chance to visit for a few days or weeks we'll have to go!! {it's a good three hours away though..}