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Wednesday, September 28

Blah days

Shirt: Ross, Skirt: Dress Barn, Boots: Nordstrom Rack Belt: "borrowed" from my mom

Today has been one of those days where the 
alarm clock went off, and I was tempted to throw it across
the room.

It has been that day where classes were boring and super slow.
It is also that day where I have a lot of homework, but all
I want to do it cuddle up and watch Bones.

I think a good 'ol Dr. Pepper could help me get motivated.
What do you do to get motivated on days like this?

ps. I was recently informed by my sister that the belt in this outfit used to belong to her, not our mother.
I apologize for any inconvenience, or worry this has caused you, and I hope you continue reading my blog despite this drastic mistake. 


Hannah Haupat said...

i had that day monday.. it was bad. oh and that was my belt, and i gave it to you...i believe it came from a pair of shorts...from freddies??

Hannah Haupat said...

hahahha well i'm just trying to help you prevent ... plagiarism?? hahaha well lying... but i was kind of distressed. haha no i'm just kidding