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Monday, September 26

The Girl with a Peal Earring

Cardigan: Target, Top: F21, Belt: came with a dress from Maurices,
Pants: American Eagle, Heels: no idea I've had them since middle school

This belt fit at the begging of the day, but come picture time
it didn't like me as much.

pearl earrings: Icing

I read Girl with a Pearl Earring in high school.
All I remember about it, is loving it. 
I can't tell you why now, I think it discusses some touchy subjects,
but I think that in the end the servant girl felt beautiful, because she wore something nice. 

I think that is my new motto, or plan for this blog.
I may not be a model, but I can feel pretty by putting on 
something nice.
I hope you feel pretty too.


1 comment:

Gentri said...

You look so cute. :) I've never read the book, but Ive always loved that picture.