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Tuesday, September 13

A not so magical day two.

Shirt: Hanes, Vest: Maurices, Belt: Handmedown from my mom Skirt: My mommy made it, Shoes; Target 

It turns out that the magic of the first day of school ends, on the first day of school.
Jason and I both realized that our schedules are not going to work out.
He already dropped a class,
and I'm waiting until tomorrow to drop one of mine. 

I'm super bummed because I was signed up for Graphic Design 
and it is nothing like I imagined it would be.
So, now I'm a graphic design drop out.
And, honestly a little sad about it.

On the bright side....I have a hysterical Political Science teacher.

1 comment:

Hannah Haupat said...

oh sad!!! why'd you drop it? are you going to try and take it later??