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Wednesday, September 21


Vest: American Eagle, Shirt: American Eagle Necklace: American Eagle
Pants: American Eagle, Pink Ribbon: came from a wedding gift
Sandles: Target 

Before the jump...

I'm trying new poses 

Recently I told Jason that I was a failure as a girl,
because I didn't own any ribbons. 

When we had Christmas in August, 
{aka opening all the wedding presents that were stored in Idaho}
I found two ribbons!
I am now an extraordinary girl now!
Maybe two ribbons isn't enough for extraordinary, 
but I'm at least super, right?
Thanks for agreeing with me.


Hannah Haupat said...

oh bekah! that is super cute!! i'm super jealous. oh that's cute!! where did you get that idea??!

Rebekah said...

Thanks! I kinda just made it up...I had the ribbon and was trying to come up with a way to wear it, and it was long enough to fit around my waist, so that's what I ended up doing!