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Tuesday, October 4


Cardigan: F21, Tank: F21, Necklace: unknown, Pants: JC Penny, Shoes: birthday gift

Yesterday, was crazy busy. 
Jason and I both had study groups on campus.
I had to search the town for a book that I'm supposed to finish by Friday 
{I ordered it online and it still hasn't arrived}
I got out of my study group later than I expected and ran home to catch HIMYM.
{yes, I was that crazy person running through campus and looking like an idiot}

All in all it turned out ok, I got home before the sun completely set,
and Jason snapped some pictures of me while talking on the phone to his sister.
Then we watched HIMYM and Bones and went to bed.
I forgot to mention that the second I went to take off my necklace it snapped and
we had the remnants rolling around the apartment. 
Rest In Peace necklace, rest in peace.

1 comment:

Hannah Haupat said...

oh bekah!!! you can fix your necklace!! but i am proud to call you my sister for having a funeral saying fro your beloved necklace. hahah