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Friday, October 7


I sincerely apologize for not posting yesterday.
I even come baring excuses. 
Here is excuse number one.

yes, the snow hit Rexburg yesterday.
Waayyy before schedule if you ask me. 

Excuse numero dos:
I had an interview yesterday.
An impromptu one at that.
So, I was super stressed, and busy the rest of the day
with group meeting, classes and {a rather disappointing} zumba class.

However, I did get dressed. 
You do get outfit pictures today. 
You're welcome

Shirt: F21, Vest: Maurices, Belt: Ross {?}, Skirt: Dress Barn,
Tights: Fred Meyer, Boots: Fred Meyer, Earrings: made by my mom


Alexis Kaye said...

This picture of you and your hubby is darling! :) and I can't believe how cold it looks! I live in AZ and it's like 70 now!

Rebekah said...

Thanks Alexis! I envy you so much! I could go for some nice warm sunshine right now!!

Tasha said...

So I just have to ask...how long do you spend picking out your outfit every day? I could spend hours! I have started picking out my Sunday church outfits on Saturday because it takes so long for me to go thru my closet and create the perfect combination! And then all of my clothes are off the hangers and on the floor for the next few days till I have time and motivation to hang them back up! =(

Rebekah said...

I spend about 10 mins in the morning picking something out, but I usually try and come up with something as I'm falling asleep. And I have a huge stack of clothes on the floor that don't get hung up until I have time to clean. The thing is that I usually want to dress how I feel, so if I'm feeling lazy it makes everything go much faster. If I want to feel cute, it takes a good 10-15 mins to decide what to wear. :)