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Monday, October 10

It's melted!

Shirt: don't remember,  Vest: Made by mom, Skirt: made by mom, Tights: F21,
Boots: gift from Jason {Macy's}

The snow has melted!
I know you were all worried about me freezing,
I'm not anymore, so you can sleep well again.

This weekend, was not too thrilling.
We spent the weekend cleaning, doing homework,
and baking.
{I made white chocolate and dark chocolate chip cookies
Jason made banana bread with chocolate chips}

And we have dubbed Saturday's as 
Little Caesar's Saturdays.
It's not good for the wallet or waistline, 
but great for the taste buds


Gentri said...

I am still freezing... Haha! You look lovely!

Rebekah said...

Has it melted in Utah as well? It's been cold, but I'm glad the snow has at least melted! {and thank you}