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Monday, November 21


Cardigan: JC Penny, Tank: F21, Pants: AE Boots: Famous Footwear,
Scarf: borrowed Headband: made by muah

Last Thursday my church's ladies group
held a crafts night. 
I was super stoked because I knew we'd be learning how 
to make the cloth flowers for headbands.

I've wanted to make them for ages,
but unfortunately I'm not that crafty.
They are super easy to make!

I want to make a million headbands now, 
and maybe a few cool necklaces. 
I feel so crafty. 

p.s. it's freezing here in da burg. so I thought I'd give you a fun fact.
After Jason finishes taking my pictures we both race to the house
where warm blankets await us. Even though it only takes a few
minutes to take pictures. 

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