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Monday, November 14


Shirt: Down East Outfitters, Scarf: Borrowed, Skirt: Dress Barn, Slip: made by mom
Tights: Fred Meyer, Shoes: unkown

Have you ever played Farkle?
It's probably my favorite game ever. 
It's very easy to play, 
you roll 6 dice
and earn points from 1's, 5's or three of a kinds.
Basically it's all luck.

I usually kick butt at it.
But, last night I played with Jason and his sister Kaycee.
They kicked my trash.
And I got angry.
So they laughed. 

It was all fun and games....


Leanne said...

Ahh, I feel so bad for you in those pictures! It must have been FREEEEEZING! {We haven't seen snow yet.....lol - I'm just waiting for it now :P}.

Anyway, I love those shoes :) Very classy!

Rebekah said...

I cannot tell a lie, it was so cold! This is the third time it's snowed so far. I think winter has set in over here :(

and thank you!