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Wednesday, November 23

G's Dairy Delights

There is a little place here in town that sells ice cream.
Jason has been dying to try it.
Every night when we try to plan for a meal he aks
"G's Dairy?"

Yesterday we were driving around town 
trying to find something to do
and we were on the same road as G's
so we decided to finally try it out. 

Jason fell in love. 
He says their ice cream is better 
than my precious Tillamook {♥}
I ended up getting a milk shake.
And we spit a grilled cheese.

It was quite delicious.
Unfortunately, I'm slightly lactose-intolerant
and I hated my self for eating that delicious milk shake.
That's how I know ice cream is made from real milk.


Gentri said...

Aw! I'm sorry you got sick. :( but it looks delicious! Yum! I'm hosting a giveaway and would love if you entered miss rebekah!

Rebekah said...

Only if you promise to pick me ;)

Lori said...

i've never heard of that place! of course, i'm from hawaii and we're missing a LOT of good restaurants :(


Rebekah said...

Are you living in Hawaii now? It's a little local place only in Rexburg.