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Wednesday, November 2

It's mail time!

Scarf: borrowed from my sister, Shirt: F21, Belt: JC Penny, Pants AE, Shoes: Famous Footwear

For the past two weeks Jason and I have been checking the mail constantly. 
I have been waiting for two packages.
One from American Eagle, where I bought an awesome pair of pants.
The second was from my mom.
She put together a package with like 10 scarves, a skirt, and cute slip,
and Jason's birthday card, treats, a necklace from my grandma, and my ballot to vote. 
Last Friday my pants came and I was ecstatic!
Then yesterday the package from my mom came. 
I was so excited, I changed my outfit so that I could wear one of the scarves she sent. 
Jason was waiting on some new shoes. 
We waited all day yesterday for them, they finally came around five. 
Getting mail is the best!

1 comment:

Leanne said...

I really like that striped top you're wearing - very cute :)

Okay, I've been checking the mail NON-STOP as well! Hehe. I have a few packages coming / just recieved a few! I'm trying out this new shake diet challenge thing so I was waiting for that to come in the mail...and then I had four gifts coming (from a contest I entered). EEEE, I love getting mail :)