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Saturday, November 26

Pinterest Saturday

Via Pinterest {no original source}

1. L.O.V.E. These shoes were seriously love at first sight. 
2. I just saw Breaking Dawn yesterday with my mom and sister-in-law {Kaycee} I knew the instant I saw those heels that they were made for me, not so much for Bella though.
3. I absolutely love being comfy, and that outfit is the perfect amount of cozy and cute.
4. I have a not-so-secret obsession with stripes, so any time I see them I kind of fall in love
5. I love the ruffle blouse and wooden bead necklaces


Sharon said...

I love love LOVE Bella's wedding shoes!!

Rebekah said...

They were sooooo amazing!!

curious elisabeth said...

those are amazing shoes!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

LOVE all of this. Especially that warm outfit! And Bella's wedding shoes!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Rebekah said...

Thanks Chelsea Elizabeth!