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Monday, December 12

A Christmas Sweater

Sweater: swapped, Pants: AE, Heels: Sears

Did you check out my fluffy kitty?

Last week was  our ward's Christmas party. Someone said it was an ugly sweater party, so I had to indulge. Jason picked this out for me in August at a clothing swap {and secretly wanted it for himself}. Of course I had to pair it with a good pair of five inch heels, so I couldn't run or walk or anything.

Also, check out our awesome gingerbread house. {do you see Santa on top?}


Hannah Haupat said...

oh my gosh! you make that sweater so ssexy!!! i'm so jealous! i love the cat by the way

Anonymous said...

Wow. Can I just say WHAT A SWEATER?! That thing is crazy but awesome. I love your heels. :)

Rebekah said...

Hannah- hahah thanks! It's my sheep cat!

Brighton- Why thank you! {I miss you!}