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Monday, December 19

Hey there...you...

Shirt: F21, Belt: gift, Dkirt: Dress Barn, Boots: Macy's

So...finals are over. 
Therefore I figured I should get back into blogging. 
We are also in Oregon for Christmas break!

I am loving being home!
Today we are going to go play soccer
{because it's not negative 100 degrees outside!}

Also, I have a funny story for all of you.
Yesterday I was helping my mom with a lesson 
{she teaches the girls ages 12-13 at church}
and she wanted to have a baby in the classroom to talk about the birth of Christ.
I volunteered to hold the baby, 
but I had to stand in the hall until she was ready for that part of her lesson.
Therefore, I had to explain to about 40 people that no, this wasn't my baby
and that I was just helping my mom.
It became awkward quickly.
But, dang, it was one cute baby


DeAnne said...

HA ha HA ha!! Yeah the math doesn't quite work out on that one hu? "april, may, june..."

Rebekah said...

Not quite, and the baby was at least 5 months old!