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Wednesday, January 18

Good morning!

Shirt: thrifted, Sweater: JC Penny, Pants: AE, Boots: Macy's, Earrings: Icing
Necklace: Icing, Watch: Target

This morning as I was walking to class in 
winds that attempted to blow me over, 
I looked up for a brief moment and 
saw a girl on a scooter who said
"Goodmoning!" in a bright and cheery voice.
It totally turned my day around.
I thought if this girl can be happy all bundled up while the wind
attempts to blow everyone over, so can I! 


Basil. said...

looooove your boots!
So adorable.

lindsay said...

That first picture of you is fantastic. Good job photographer and good job YOU!

Taunya said...

I remember that crazy Rexburg wind! One of my roommates came home one day after a very blustery day exclaiming that everyone was wearing her hairstyle...blown to the left. Stay warm!

Rebekah said...

McKenzie- Thanks! They are surprisingly pretty comfortable!

Rebekah said...

Lindsey- That means a lot coming from you! Thank you!! {my husband is the photographer!}

Rebekah said...

Taunya- hahah it's so true! Everyone comes into the buildings with hair in their faces and pink cheeks from the cold!

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

Loving the boots and the shivering ;)

New follower from The Pleated Poppy

Rebekah said...

Thank you Angel! The shivering can't be stopped out here!