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Friday, January 6


Shirt: JC Penny, Scarf: borrowed, Pants: AE, Flats: Famous Footwear, Turtle Ring: gift, Braclets: gifts

I have discovered a love for mustard.
Not to condiment, but the color.
It's the happy color that still works for fall. 

My best friend, Ashley, knows me very well.
She is the one who got me the turtle necklace,
and this amazing turtle ring. 
I love it. 

Turtles + Mustard = A Great Day


Hannah Haupat said...

i love vmustard! and that's my all time favorite scarf!! i love it! your pictures look awesome! and you background was a nice choice! keep up the great work!

Rebecca said...

Mustard looks good on you!

Rebekah said...

Hannah- Thanks sista! Your scarves are really handy!! ;)

Rebecca- Thank you!!!