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Monday, January 23

Springtime in the snow

Shirt: thrifted, Skirt: Dress Barn, Shoes: thrifted, Watch: Target, Red Braclet: gift
Other Bracelets: gifted, handmade

My cousin gave me this blouse and I've been dying to wear it!
I absolutely love all the colors, and I had a chance to wear my reddish/pinkish heels.
Downside to this outfit was it snowed, and it was a little colder than I had thought.
Plus side heels have built in ice picks that making walking somewhat easier. 


Dearest Lou said...

I love your skirt! Oh my goodness you must have been freezing when these pictures were taken!

Rebekah said...

Thanks! It's actually a skirt with a slip underneath! Annnd it was pretty cold out, but thankfully the sun helped keep me warm!