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Tuesday, February 21

Girls Night


Meet Kelly and Sonja, 
my amazing red headed friends.
We all work together.
We joke about dying my hair red, 
and being the coolest red heads around.

Then one night, we dyed my hair. 

Now we really are best red headed friends. 
The End.


Dearest Lou said...

Awe what a fun night! I just wanted to stop by and let you know I published that sponsor spot light (:

Rebekah said...

Thanks Cecelia! I'll check it out :)

Christi Lynn said...

how fun! i'm a red head too! i dyed my hair with henna...it smells so gross but the color turns out so pretty!

Danielle said...

I just found your blog while blog hopping. So glad I did. Too cute! I am having a Blog Hop on my Blog Blissful and Domestic and would love for you to link up.


Sonja said...

Hey its us! we're so cute. and you are fabulous. so glad we convinced you.

C a m i l l e said...

Aw, that's adorbs ;)

Kathy Mitton said...

Welllll, can I take some credit for thinking of that awesome color? Out of 3 siblings, I was the only one that had strawberry blonde hair and it was always my pride and joy. However, getting very old seems to have helped it turn more white, but I still color it. My hair in my 20's, 30's, 40's and teen years was very much what you have. I TOTALLY LOVE IT!
Gr Kathy forever!