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Wednesday, February 29

Issues with dresses and tights

Dress: made by my mom, Cadigan: Target, Scarf: borrowed from my sister,
Belt: Maurice's, Tights: F21, Boots: Macy's, Bracelet: gift from AZ

Yesterday when I was in need of new clothes 
I decided these bright tights could spice up my wardrobe 
without running to the nearest mall. 
However, I've discovered tights are not friends with this skirt.
My dress was constantly hiking up, and embarrassing me quite a bit. 
I found my dress tucked up and exposing more that I wanted.
Does this only happen to me?


Kelly Gubler said...

Ugh that happens to me all the time with tights. Someone pleease help us!

Rebekah said...

The Rexburg winds don't help either!