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Thursday, March 8

Chicki Chicki Parm Parm

White t-shirt: Hanes, Pink tank: Maurices, Vest: made by mom, Jeans:AE,
Flats: Famous Footwear, Scarf: my sister's

I seriously can't decide if it is winter or spring these days. Monday I walked around without a coat {it was a whopping 32 out} Tuesday it snowed, Wednesday it was sunny but cold. However, I did see melting ice and heard birds chirping in the trees. Maybe spring is on it's way. 

On a different note, Taco Bell + Parks and Recreation = amazing night. I had planned to make Chicken Parmesan {aka chicki chicki parm parm} but Jason and I had a Taco Bell craving, so we went with that instead. 

p.s. Happy birthday to my baby sister who turns 19 today! {this is getting weird!}

This is sisterhood at its best. 

1 comment:

Sonja said...

its true, your hair is indeed red in these photos.