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Wednesday, March 14

Growing up

Cardigan:Maurice's, Shirt: thrifted, Pants:AE, Shoes: thrifted

It's crazy how school is going fine and dandy one week then out of no where you have three assignments and a test all on the same day.

After this semester, I will only have two semesters left. I graduate in December {weird} and then it will be all about real life {also weird}. Do any of you feel like you have spent your whole life in school and you don't want go into real life?  Or is that just the nerd in me?


Christi Lynn said...

cute thrifted shirt :)

Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca said...

I love what you did with your hair!

mary said...

Love your outfit and it looks good on you.
Corduroy Pants

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Bekah! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you and would love to have you follow back so we can stay connected!
Love the color combo you have going on here!