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Thursday, June 14

OTI: Spring colors

Here's today's inspiration
 And my interpreation

Shirt: JCP, Vest: Marshalls, Belt: Taken off another dress, Skirt: Made by my mom Shoes: 1318

I have actually had this photo pinned for a long time, but I never thought I would be able to pull it off. Even when I realized this was the inspiration for Thursday I had no idea what I would wear. Luckily, my husband knows my wardrobe just as well as I do, and he told me "What about your pink shirt and green skirt." It was the perfect idea. I added my blue vest and I was so excited that I could actually pull the look off! 


Anonymous said...

It is so adorable that your husband knows your wardrobe! And I think this outfit is genius- you have all the colours just in reverse! I love the vest and the belt :)

Say x

Grace Marie said...

cute cute cute.

I kind of want to come and steal that shirt -- perfection!