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Tuesday, June 5


Jacket: Marshalls , Shirt: JC Penny, Pants: JC Penny, Boots: Macy's

I have been crazy busy this semester. Working and taking 15 credits has worn me out. I have missed blogging regularly. I have also missed looking decent on a daily basis. I wake up some mornings and all I want to do is pull on jeans and a t-shirt, go to school and come back home and take a nap. Unfortunately, life wants me to be productive and get good grades. so instead of napping I do homework all day long. 

Anywho, here are some pictures of a day I actually got dressed (and even did my hair!). 
It was a Tuesday miracle.


Chynna said...

super cute outfit Rebekah! The blogging world has missed you:)

Dana said...

Your back in black (and white)! Love the outfit!

Sharon said...

Super cute!! I love the jacket :)

His Little Lady said...

that blazer jacket and those braids are more than perfect!! you are adorable, girl!
xo TJ