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Thursday, October 11

Happy {almost} Halloween

Christian the Scarecrow

Halloween is kind of a big deal in the Norton home {I'm not entirely sure why, but we do love it}. On Saturday between session of our church's general conference we decorated our apartment.

My first semester of college I realized that I had no decorations for any of the seasons, so my mom sent me a package that included Christian the Scarecrow, the halloween character candle holders, and a spiderweb bowl. Those items have made an appearance every year since. My roommates have all had a special relationship with Christian {it was the first semester that he received this name from my roommates} and since then he's been a big part of halloween festivities.

Then, my decor grew when my brother sent me these pillows my mom had made for him. I love these pillows. There are different pillowcases for each holiday, so I love pulling out the new ones each season.

Do you decorate for halloween?

1 comment:

Hannah Haupat said...

oohhh! so jealous.... my apartment's lame... grandma sent me a dish towel and is has a witch on it.... it's pretty silly and awesome... but that's all i have on decorations.... lame sauce. i bet your apartment looks awesome.