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Monday, October 8


Shirt: Maurices, Vest: F21, Pants: LuckyBrand, Heels: Sears,
Necklace: American Eagle, Watch: Target

I'm a school person. I'm good at school, I've been doing it since I was 5 and it's one of my "talents" {if you can be talented at school}

Graduation has always kind of scared me. I'm not a huge work person {I've only had a few jobs I've actually liked} and all I really want is to be a momma some day.

So, when I realized I was graduating in December I started to get worried. I have to find a job, in this economy, in Rexburg aka the land of no jobs. It started to really freak me out, but then I realized something great.

After December 14, I will never have to do homework again.

That made graduation and moving forward so much better.

Are you a school junkie or would you rather be out working?

1 comment:

katelupo said...

WORKING! =) i have always hated school, ha ha!
You should look for a job in education- tutoring, working at a school, teaching etc. It may help you transition =)