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Thursday, January 3

Oh 2012


I spent January in this lovely snow covered building.
Between classes and working for Scroll I rarely left.


Jason and I celebrated Valentines day at home and 
he gave me the only thing I wanted, flowers.


I worked all semester long and in March I was able 
to cover Ron Paul's visit to Idaho Falls with Kelly.


Jason and I celebrated our anniversary in Utah at Tacanos.

I designed my first cover for Scroll as the managing editor.


I turned 22 in May. Jason threw me an awesome
BBQ birthday party and I was showered with
 yummy and pretty gifts from Jason and my friends.


I received my first product review here on the blog.

My oldest {and possibly favorite} brother married
his lovely wife. We drove to Oregon to be there.


We spent the 4th playing Farkle for 3 hours, and
I got a major sunburn. Totally worth it.

Jason and I moved out of our itty bitty teeny tiny apartment.
I was thrilled.


We went to our ward pancake supper. We got to know
a ton of people in our ward and made great friends.

We also started working out every morning to keep busy.


We remembered 9/11 beautifully.

My favorite season came and stayed for a while.


I went on the most pointless trip to Salt Lake City.

I organized and ran my first photoshoot (I didn't take the photos).


We picked out the cutest little Christmas tree.


I started my new job at the Jefferson Star.

Overall 2012 was a great year. I worked in my field the whole year, and I finally graduated from college. I can only hope 2013 will be as good to Jason and I as 2012 was.

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