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Wednesday, February 13

A hit and a big 'ol miss

I loved the outfit I wore in my last post, but today I'm not really feeling this outfit. It was one of those outfits where I was like, "Hmm I think I'll try something different today." But no one was around to tell me if I was missing the mark or if I was spot on. So, I had to go to work wearing this and then came home, edited the pictures and decided not to ever wear this combination again. 

Do you have those days where you think you look great but later realize you missed the mark?


Chandra said...

YUP! Most definitely. I've had those moments after looking at some of my outfit of the day posts. I wish more people would be honest in their blog posts and state what worked and what didn't. Thanks for being truthful!

More Modern Modesty

Anonymous said...

You're so beautiful <3

xO Rachel