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Monday, February 11

Head over heels for heels

You guys. I got to wear heels yesterday. AND I didn't slip and die on ice. I was so excited when I realized that there wasn't any snow or sheets of ice on the ground and I could finally wear something other than my black or brown boots. Not that I don't love my boots, but sometimes all you want is to wear some fun colorful shoes that aren't all that sensible. 

Outfit details
Blouse: Ross
Scarf: (my sister's) AEO
Skirt: Dress Barn
Heels: 1318

I'm linking up with More Modern Modesty and Plane Pretty


Chandra said...

Annnnnnd they are so fun! Did you wear this to church? Are the shoes patent leather? Go, you!

More Modern Modesty

Anonymous said...

oh yes, a girl after my own heart!!!! Love the color of those shoes and in the snow - awesome!

Ruth Alvarez said...

I love fun colorful heels with a simple outfit. those look fab!
your beautiful!

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