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Thursday, May 16

Not what it's cracked up to be

I miss getting dressed up everyday.
I never really thought I would, but you can only wear so many plain t-shirts, yoga pants
 and the same pair of tennis shoes before you long for cute blouses, colored jeans and wedges.
or sandals
or heels
or anything other than a pair of worn out tennis shoes. 

I thought that having a basic uniform for work would take a lot of hassle out of getting ready everyday, but it hasn't! I take just as much time because I only have like 3-4 plain t-shirts and I don't want to wear the same thing everyday. It's rough being me sometimes. ;)

Also, in case you were wondering I'm holding my little sister's wedding invitation in that last photo.
I designed it, and I'm excited that it actually turned out ok!

Outfit details:
Jacket: gift
Shirt: F21
Skirt: made by mom
Shoes: Thrifted


nathyness said...

The skirt is such a pretty color. Love it paired with that striped blazer. Very cute!

I guess you can try accessorizing the basic work uniform more? That's what I would do!


McCall Clifford said...

This outfit is darling! I'm in the same boat wishing I could dress up more. I'm stuck with a work Tshirt and jeans 5 days a week. My closet misses me, yours obviously loves you. ha. love your blog and style!