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Monday, May 13

Yoga pants and denim jackets

Sorry I haven't been around lately! I finally got a job! The only down side is that my "uniform" is yoga pants and a jacket or collared shirt with the company's logo {not super blog friendly}. I'm trying to wear more real clothes over the weekend so that I can still blog something!

Also, I'm obsessed with my jean jacket. Whenever I want something to feel springy I end up wearing it. That's the reason it's been in all of my posts lately. It's the "I need something to finish this outfit and still feel like spring" jacket.

I highly recommend getting one.


Kalee Hulka said...

Your bun is SO cute!!! I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can try that.

gentri lee said...

Hey! I wore a denim jacket in my post today too! Twins. :) super cute!

Kate said...

I love your hair like that! Very cute. That skirt is so pretty too.

Kinga Sarolta Kavasi said...

lovely hair! :)


Rachel G said...

I have two denim jackets: a light one and a dark one! :P They are so fun to wear! That lacey skirt is really cute on you, too!

gymnast64 said...

Oh your hair is so cute! Everytime I try to do a braid in my bun it just looks sloppy... I love the denim and lace too! Thanks for linking up :)

Emmett Katherine said...

lace & denim is always a winning combo!

monee said...

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